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Expectations of iPhone 9 Battery

iPhone 9 Battery and Charging Developments

Apple has just announced three new iPhones: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the high-end celebratory iPhone X this month. All of these three iPhones are powered by the new Apple’s A11 Bionic chip, a neutral engine, and also the M11 motion coprocessor. Although it has been a while since the announcement for those three Apple smartphones, apparently people can’t stop their curiosity to know further about the next updates. Moreover, Apple seems to have skipped a device that could be the iPhone 9, much like Microsoft skipped releasing what could be Windows 9. So, what happens to iPhone 9? In this article, we would discuss some of the paths smartphones technology of Apple that could take in coming years for iPhone 9. If we look at the current trends, the iPhone 9 ought to appear somewhere between 2018 and 2020. One of our interest about the possible upcoming iPhone 9 is its battery. Here is what we want to share with you about expectations of iPhone 9 battery and charging developments.

The needs of long-lasting battery life

Let’s return to the topic of ‘peak smartphone’ where we found an idea that the smartphone’s golden period of rapid technological advances and also wide experiential differences is over. Between one generation and the next, or between one manufacturer and another are showing only small and iterative differences. We found the phone that just launched and the one that released the last year-hence less incentive to upgrade. We can say that almost all current smartphones are necessarily good enough. So, what is the potential growth area that possibly makes a big difference for the next generation smartphone? Battery life probably takes a potential growth area of a high-end smartphone that lures the great attention of all tech enthusiasts. As we all know, battery life keeps getting better, but smartphone creators, including Apple, go on like the same mistake by cramming more power-hungry components into a slimmer chassis. This fact is the one that responsible for the battery life that staying roughly the same.

From this fact, we suspect that in the next few years, the battery life of every smartphone, including the upcoming iPhone 9, is going to become more of a priority for both phone makers and also consumers. If we look at the currently available smartphone, the design is now about as slim and fast as we could ever want. With all upgraded technology within a new smartphone, the improvement of the battery doesn’t make a noticeable change because of it lasts as long as the battery life before the update. Not only about how long a battery can last, but charging technology is also a great matter for ensuring that the battery life can last as long as it can for the high-end smartphone on a single charge. Just like what we got from the recently released iPhone 8 and iPhone X battery. On both newly released iPhones, we are effectively gaining hours of additional battery life during the day with a 50% quick charge in 30 minutes, even if we only plugin for a short period.

Hints of iPhone 9 Charging Tech

For the upcoming iPhone 9, it is expected to feature a long-range wireless charging. The current technology standards of wireless charging still require us to place the device on a charging mat physically. For now, it is convenient enough, but not for the future smartphone. People are looking for the read advance of long-range wireless charging. We got rumors about Apple is currently working on longer-range of wireless charging, potentially charging at a distance of approximately 1 meter using near-field magnetic resonance. Based on some cryptic comments of the Energous CEO of a charging company, it suggests Apple may be planning something even more ambitious. Chief executive officer of Energous dropped some hints about an exclusive “key strategic partnership” that the firm signed a couple of years back and which has delayed the release of its wireless charging tech. He said that the technology has a range of 15 feet. Well, it is suspected to be the next charging tech for Apple which means potentially come in the upcoming iPhone 9. Well, we are enthusiastic about this possibility although the firm is declining to state the name.

Anyway, Energous is not the only company which is working on long-range wireless charging technology. Disney Research, as it was reported in February 2017, has come up with a new method for wireless transmitting power throughout a room. This charging technology enables users to charge their electronic devices anywhere in that room, much as they can connect their devices to WiFi with current technology.

Potential iPhone 9 Battery manufacturer

A battery is an important component of a smartphone that is why we are sure that Apple will make the best decision for this matter. As we heard from Korean Economic Daily, who claimed that Apple had chosen LG Chem as the exclusive supplier for batteries for the next-generation iPhone, due out in next year. The report also claims that LG has invested huge number in battery manufacturing facilities. It also mentioned the possibility of the battery would be ready to begin full-scale production in early 2018 which is in time for the iPhone 9. Still, in correlation with the report, it claims that the next-generation iPhone of Apple will adopt a “bent” battery module shaped like the letter ‘L.’ If the allegation is true, it will be the first time of Apple to step away from the rectangular lithium-ion batteries featured on each iPhone thus far. With the optimized shape of the battery is said would maximize internal space and also boost charging speeds. Those are the two features that the iPhone and all tech enthusiasts always need desperately.

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